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Paulina Klejniak, a Senior Account Executive at Faststream Recruitment, shares what life is really like managing and supporting our LNG clients and candidates in our UK Head Office.

8:00 am: I like to have a healthy start to my day, so I always walk to work. It only takes me 30 minutes and it’s a great way to get both fresh air and exercise before my work begins. We are fortunate enough to have ‘flexi-time’ and some mornings I like to take advantage of this and come into the office a bit later.

8:30 am: I head straight to the kitchen to put my lunch in the fridge, grab a drink and say hello to the other Consultants who aren’t in my direct team. The morning coffee run is always a good way to catch up with people who aren’t on your pod.

8:40 am: I load up my computer and go straight to my email inbox. I must catch up with all my emails before the rest of my day starts. My role involves managing key client relationships on a global scale. For instance, one of my clients is based in Malaysia and I have a maximum of two hours to action any communications with them.

Paulina Klejniak - A day in the life of a Senior Account Executive

10:30 am: Once I have replied to all my emails and spoken to my international clients and candidates who are in different time zones, it’s time to make a list of my priorities for the day. No day is the same and my list is always different, but I will always action my urgent vacancies first.

11:00 am: I have a calling list marked in my calendar for each day. As a Senior Account Executive, it is vital to stay organised and to know who you need to call and when. I mainly work on large client accounts where we can have multiple roles at any one time. Given the scale of the accounts, I only work with 1-2 clients maximum as I need to ensure I can dedicate my full attention and time to them.

1:00 pm: I usually opt for a 30-minute lunch in the communal kitchen or at my desk because I like to make sure I am available to speak to any candidates or clients who might phone in. Sometimes I will take a longer lunch, but it will just depend on my workload.

1:30 pm: I am back at my desk and ready to work through my call list. I aim to speak to 15 + candidates each afternoon; the candidates I speak to will depend on the priority role for that day.

Paulina Klejniak - A day in the life of a Senior Account Executive

3:30 pm: I’ve spoken to some fantastic candidates this afternoon and there are some I know my clients will be keen to interview. Now I need to spend some time on LinkedIn. I dedicate a proportion of my day to LinkedIn because it is where my clients and candidates are networking. It’s a great platform to see what they are up to, what they are talking about and catch up with key industry news. I’ll also use LinkedIn to headhunt; connect with new people and reply to any comments or messages I have.


4:30 pm: I need to advertise some new vacancies on LinkedIn, the Faststream website and the industry job boards we use. After I’ve done this, I’ll also check my other adverts are still live. It is important to ensure they are visible to candidates overnight and at the weekend, so I have a continuous flow of applications.

5:30 pm: It’s time to finish for the day. I look forward to the walk home as it is a nice way to end my working day and clear my mind. I'll also think about what I’m going to cook for dinner and do that evening.

Paulina Klejniak - A day in the life of a Senior Account Executive

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