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The cruise sector’s landscape has continued to transform over the last year. As consumers have welcomed back the ability to cruise, they are demanding more than ever that cruise lines meet their growing expectations. 2023 is set to be a year with more demands than ever, with increasingly more personalised requirements needing to be met. Consumers will want cruises to be more luxurious and incorporate wellness, with additional options and destinations readily available. Even more so, many want affordable holidays, whilst also requiring that cruise businesses improve their carbon footprints.

The reliance on cruise businesses to meet these ever-increasing demands for cruises is more vital than ever as many continue to try to recover from the financial issues brought on by the pandemic. With the threat of a global recession on the horizon, keeping consumers happy will be a tactic that cruise businesses will want to utilise. Many will have already started crisis planning, reflecting on the lessons learnt from previous economic downturns.

It is not just consumer demands that need to be met. Employees in the cruise sector have suffered too, with loss of employment, stress, health concerns, and emotional disruptions to name a few.

Many people have been patient, waiting for this recovery to happen and regain some of what they lost in the process. This could mean some significant changes to the cruise profession, from pay and benefits to job seeking and retirement, as well as the future skill pool of the profession.

We look to uncover these changes and reveal what people want from their careers this year. We want to expose the good and bad of the sector, looking at the profession from an employee’s point of view.

​The report covers employment and recruitment trends from both shoreside and seagoing professionals in the cruise sector.

It is split into the following topics:

  • Pay rises and bonuses

  • Employee benefits

  • Working styles

  • Job security and stress

  • Retention

  • Employer factors

  • The future of the cruise employment market

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If you would like to discuss any of the findings, topics and thoughts from the authors, please contact:

For all media enquiries, please contact Nic Jones, Group Marketing Director.

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