At Faststream Recruitment, we take pride in the success and ambition of our employees. We caught up with Ellie Evans, a Team Leader of our Marine Division to hear about her successful recruitment career.
Ellie Evans - Faststream Recruitment
When did you embark on your career with Faststream and what enticed you to apply for the role?

I joined the business in November 2020 after Kelsey Purse, Director of Shipping engaged in a conversation with me on LinkedIn a few months prior. I didn’t feel completely fulfilled in my recruitment role at the time and meeting with Kelsey Purse and Adam Graves, Director of Marine gave me a great overview of the opportunities and growth potential at Faststream.

Since joining the business, you have progressed immensely and are now working with many global maritime businesses, what do you attribute to your success?

I believe that it is a blend of being trusted to have full autonomy within my role but also getting support when I need it. I feel heard and valued within my role and this has given me the confidence to grow my desk and continue my professional development.

You are currently managing one of Faststream’s key client accounts, who have engaged the business as their exclusive recruitment partner. What skills have you had to leverage to make this relationship as successful as it is? And is there anything that you have learnt along the way?

I have had the unique opportunity of being integrated into their recruitment team, which is incredibly rare. The client views me as a team member, which is fantastic as it demonstrates the true value of the client partnership. I believe that offering my recruitment expertise and adding value has allowed me to have a great deal of influence within our client's recruitment process.

Through this recruitment partnership, I have learned the importance of establishing relationships with different stakeholders within the business. This allows you to know how to communicate in different ways for each situation during the recruitment process.

What are three non-negotiables that you consistently do each week to ensure a successful quarter/period in your division?

At the start of every week, I outline my priorities and each day I get granular with these to set daily objectives. It is important to stay focused and not get distracted, so setting priorities is key.

I also have a clear process that I follow to ensure that the quality of each recruitment process maintains the highest level of service for both clients and candidates. This structured approach is taught across all levels during the Faststream training programmes.

What do you enjoy most about working at Faststream and how would you describe the business culture?

We have a great team culture, everyone gets on well, and there is a close-knit yet respectable and professional atmosphere. There is a culture of high reward, so if you work hard there are a lot of incentives to be had. For example, getting a place in the ‘high achiever’s club’ allows you to dine in Michelin Star restaurants, go on superyachts and much more. We also have company-wide events such as our annual Christmas and summer parties, which are great fun.

How do you see your role progressing within the business over the next 12 months and do you have any goals you would like to achieve?

I have reached my goal to get to Team Leader, so now I will be working towards being promoted to Principal Consultant. At present, I am managing the marine technical division, so I would like to build on these responsibilities.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to progress in their current role and establish a highly successful recruitment career?

You need to value your time and manage it well. You need to understand the importance of working the roles that you know you can support clients with, rather than the ones you can’t. When you are taking job specifications from clients, make sure you have a checklist of what you need to find out, so you don’t miss any gaps. It is about being efficient and organised.

What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back to your first year in recruitment?

The first year will be tough, it will be a huge learning curve and you will feel like you cannot do it all. But it gets better, and you will soon see the personal and financial rewards if you stick with it.

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