Lakhshmi Digwa, a Lead Consultant at Faststream Recruitment, uncovers what life is really like as a Recruiter in our UK Head Office.


8:00 am: I leave the house and despite the usual morning traffic, I have a pleasant twenty-minute journey to work listening to my audiobook. We get free parking at the office, so I park in my favourite spot and head into the building.

8:30 am: I’ve already made my coffee and its time to catch up with the team to see how we are doing against our objectives for the week. In a busy working environment like recruitment, distractions can come in many forms. By setting objectives and catching up regularly on them, ensures we are working towards meeting our goals.

9:30 am: I’m ready to get stuck into sales calls which I want to complete by 11:30. Often this will be a mixture of new business prospecting, taking specifications for new vacancies within my market and listening to wider expansion plans from my existing clients. I like to dedicate this time just to sales and client activity so I try to minimise distractions from other things such as emails and internal meetings.

11:30 am: I need to use the next hour to progress ongoing job vacancies. This will mean sending CVs to my clients, booking interviews and passing on client feedback.

12:30 pm: The usual ‘what are we doing for lunch?’ has already made the rounds and usually it’s a nice lunch or coffee catch up with the girls or a team lunch if we have something to celebrate (we often do!). Today we are opting for tapas in a restaurant over the road from the office.

1:30 pm: I’m back in the office and today my afternoon needs to be candidate focused.  I have four priority searches and need to spend my time seeking the best talent in the market for my clients.

4:00 pm: I have that second cup of coffee that I know without I won’t have enough energy to make it to the gym tonight. Now its time to advertise my jobs, engage on LinkedIn and set up some client meetings.

5:00 pm: I need to make a plan of action for tomorrow. Without having pre-planned this the day before I can find myself coming in a little flustered in the morning. Being a recruiter comes with many different things to juggle so taking the time out to prioritise a day in advance really means I am able to keep one step ahead.

5:40 pm: After a long and busy day at the office I’m going to unwind and put all my energy into a quick gym session which should ensure I have a great night’s sleep ready for another busy day tomorrow.

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