Chloe Han - A Day in the Life of a Recruitment Consultant

Chloe Han, Lead Consultant at Faststream Recruitment, shares her insights into what a working day is like as a Recruiter living and working in Singapore.


8:15 am: I am on the crowded MRT and on my way into the office. The train is always busy with other commuters, so I use this opportunity to plug in my headphones and listen to my latest playlist on Spotify; it really sets me up for the day.

8:50 am: I arrive at the office for a 9 am start. Luckily my commute is only a 30-minute train journey.

8:55 am: Before I start my day, I’ll make some breakfast. Our pantry is always stocked with fresh bread and fruit.

Chloe Han - A Day in the life of a recruiter

9:00 am: The first thing I do is check my emails. As a Recruiter, it’s crucial you deal with any urgent emails. Recruitment moves fast and you always need to be on top of everything.


10:30 am: It’s time for a brainstorm. I have a very niche role I am recruiting for and could do with leveraging some ideas from my team. As much as a Recruiters job is about working alone, it also requires collaboration.


12:00 pm: One of my candidates was interviewing for a new client I am representing this morning. I wonder how they got on? I give the client a call to get the candidate feedback I need to move things forward.


12:15 pm: The client loved the candidate. They had all the right industry experience and a strong ability to do the job… but they just weren’t quite right. Unfortunately, the client didn’t think they would be a strong enough

personality fit for their team.


I best break the news to the candidate and start searching for more candidates for the role.

Chloe Han - A day in the life of a Recruiter

12:30 pm: Is that the time? It’s been a busy and productive morning but I think it’s time to get some lunch.


We always eat lunch out because there is so much choice and the food in Singapore is really cheap. Today I fancy a fresh salad from my favourite salad bar ‘Chopped’ which is ideally located near our office in Raffles Place.


1:30 pm: Back from lunch and straight into Business Development. Most afternoons the team will focus on connecting with new clients and chasing leads. There is so much industry competition, so if you want success you need to be prepared to put in the work.


3:00 pm: I have a quick off-site meeting with one of my clients. I meet with both my clients and candidates weekly. It is so important to continuously network and seek new opportunities– especially in the world of recruitment.

Chloe Han - A Day in the life of a Recruiter

4:30 pm: Back in the office and I quickly grab a tea before focusing on candidate calls for the rest of the afternoon. Late afternoon is prime time to call candidates because they are either finishing work or more available to talk.


6:00 pm: Another productive day complete. Some of the team are heading to Trampolining tonight, which I’ve been looking forward to all day. It’s such a fun and social way to sign off the day.

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