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Job Description

Position: Vessel Operator. 
Location: Puerto Altamira, México.

Are you ready to set sail on an exciting career journey?

  • Embark on a role overseeing ship safety, security, and efficiency.
  • Collaborate as the go-to point of contact for ship operations.
  • Navigate commercial claims and disputes with enthusiasm.
  • Captain relationships with ship owners and charterers.
  • Ensure safety compliance and navigate risk challenges.
  • Chart a course for operational improvements and cutting-edge IT applications.
  • If you hold a degree in Shipping or its equivalent, you're already on the right course!
  • Knowledge of charter party agreements and operational requirements? A strong wind in your sails!
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills are your navigation tools.
  • If you have maritime industry experience, you're a perfect fit for our crew.
Join our client as a Vessel Operator and be part of an exciting voyage towards safety, efficiency, and operational excellence! Your career adventure awaits.