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Job Description

Opportunity for a Software Engineer to join the market leaders in clean marine technology. 

Silverstream Technologies has successfully developed and deployed a market-leading clean marine technology solution over the last ten years - The Silverstream® System. Our Air Lubrication System (ALS) fundamentally changes the interaction between water and a vessel's hull, creating a carpet of microbubbles that coats the flat bottom of a vessel. As a result, frictional resistance is reduced - dramatically improving a vessel's fuel consumption and associated emissions.

The role
The Software Engineer will be responsible for leveraging data to further develop the product and improve integration of tools and systems used to derive the performance of the Silverstream® System. Sitting in the Product Development team to gain a clear understanding of the overall technology and the way in which data is utilised across the product lifecycle including early stage experimentation, company sales and validation of in-service performance. This role will work alongside the Data Engineer and Data Scientist to help govern the maintenance and processing of data pipelines as well as lead on software development required to continuously improve the current product offering required by the customer.

The responsibilities
  • All aspects of software engineering, including design, implementation, quality assurance and maintenance.
  • Build, test, deploy, maintain, and improve software and data pipelines.
  • Build state of the art Machine Learning models and data visualizations.
  • Work alongside the Data Scientist to productionise and deploy Machine Learning Models for different applications.
  • Work with the Data Engineer and Data Scientist to build scalable, re-useable and impactful data science products.
  • Develop a complete understanding of how software is utilised across the business.
  • Gain an understanding of the Silverstream system and the methods used to quantify system performance.
  • Feed into the planning and execution of projects as directed by the Head of Product Development.

The requirements

  • Degree in computer science with focus on Machine Learning, Mathematics or related qualitive field.
  • 3 years minimum of industry experience developing software and deploying Machine Learning models into production.
  • Experience using Python, SQL and PostgreSQL to create software used in a business or product application.
  • Experience using industry standard applications such as Docker and Kubernetes to productionise software applications.
  • Naturally curious, creative, and effective problem solver with the ability to come up with ideas to tackle problems on the cutting edge.
  • Practical knowledge of or experience working with Microsoft Azure.
  • Strong analytical skills and desire to write clean, correct and efficient code.