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Job Description

As the Director of Ship Management, you will assume responsibility for overseeing all global ship management activities, people and culture, the P & L, deliverables, and risks associated within our clients  – Ship Management Group companies.

The primary aim of this role is to cultivate both cultural and operational excellence.

You will have the responsibility of nurturing talent, creating a collaborative working environment and further developing the ship management capabilities.

A crucial aspect of your role will be building a highly competent team and talent pipeline, ensuring the company's capacity for sustained growth, and showcasing structural agility.

Reporting directly to the Group Managing Director, your role will involve achieving strategic, financial, and operational targets throughout the ship management business.

In this role, you will translate the corporate vision into actionable plans for teams in both ship management and crew management. Furthermore, you will formulate the longer-term strategy within these teams, with a specific focus on ambitious targets, new business development, and comprehensive people plans.

Your key responsibilities include implementing  strategy, achieving objectives, optimising performance, mitigating risks, and maintaining a robust structure, competence, and capacity to meet both current and future business requirements.

The decisions you make in this capacity will significantly impact the global performance of the company and will also influence the overall performance of the parent company.