01 June 2020

Faststream Recruitment and Yotspot have collaborated to create a unique Superyacht survey to expose, highlight and establish a new benchmark across several topics including health and well-being, staying connected, career development, and pensions and savings. 

This survey was completed by Superyacht crew before the COVID-19 pandemic. The release of our full report was delayed due to the short-term restrictions on mobility in Maritime. As we have started to see borders open up, and markets returning, the Superyacht industry is heading into the uptick of its V-shape economic recovery. This data presents the thoughts and opinions of Superyacht crew before the pandemic but it remains compelling as we see the industry return.

Our survey has highlighted that many Superyacht crew are suffering from mental health issues and do not feel they have adequate support or anyone to turn to in times of need. The crew are not utilising pension plans to save for their futures and many Superyacht crew are finding it tough maintaining connections in relationships with their significant other on-board other Superyachts.  

These are among the findings of our landmark survey which polled more than 1,200 working Superyacht crew worldwide on attitudes to their work.

Despite a perception that a Superyacht career is glamorous and well-rewarded, the survey revealed that crew often feel anxious and stressed.

Findings included:

  • 64% of the crew said they have experienced a mental health issue whilst working onboard a Superyacht

  • 61% of the crew were suffering from undue stress, an increase of nearly 70% since 2017

  • 20% of the crew utilise a pension plan to save for their future

  • 86% of the crew are saving for their futures in different ways than pensions

  • 36% of the crew did not see their career continuing in Superyachts after five years

  • 80% of the crew would recommend a career working on a Superyacht to young people

Among other findings, Superyacht crew rate “work-life balance” as the highest priority when choosing a job, ahead of salary, company culture, training, and career development.

The survey also reveals that starting their own business or working in the cruise industry are attractive options for when they cease working onboard Superyachts.

These results show that, despite the appeal of a career working on a Superyacht and demand for their services being higher than ever, employers have significant challenges to address when it comes to the wellbeing of their most important employees,” says Mark Charman, CEO and Founder of Faststream Recruitment.

While our survey does highlight many positive aspects of working on a Superyacht, employers cannot ignore their responsibilities when it comes to issues like stress and mental wellbeing. We hope that these insights will help employers adapt some of their human resources policies,” says Steve Crawford and Daryl Bradley, Co-Directors of Yotspot.

Read The Superyacht Survey 2020 report in full here


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