The Superyacht Survey 2020 | Faststream Recruitment

Specialist Superyacht recruiter Faststream Recruitment and industry-leading job board Yotspot have collaborated to survey over 1,200 Superyacht crew to gain a unique insight into the views, thoughts and feelings that these individuals have about the industry they work in.


This survey was completed by Superyacht crew before the COVID-19 pandemic. The release of our full report was delayed due to the short-term restrictions on mobility in maritime. As we have started to see borders open up, and markets returning, the Superyacht industry is heading into

the uptick of its V-shape economic recovery. This data presents the thoughts and opinions of Superyacht crew before the pandemic but it remains compelling as we see the industry return.


The yachting industry is an incredibly diverse and everchanging sector to work in and the crew needed for the Superyachts of the past, present and future have never been more important. The reliance of those onboard to meet the ever-increasing demands of owners, managers and guests and the growing size and complexity of Superyachts that sail the open seas are more vital than ever.


There has been much talk over the last few years around crew recruitment, retention and countless salary surveys published. In 2017, the first of its kind in the industry, Faststream Recruitment and Yotspot brought you a report that covered topics such as learning & development, career performance, job seeking trends and levels of satisfaction & engagement in the world of Superyacht. In 2020, we aim to push the topics further to establish the wider thoughts and feelings of Superyacht crew and their views of the yachting industry as a whole.


The data collected in this survey represents a huge crosssection of the marketplace. This report aims to uncover the good and the bad of the industry, looking at yachting from an employment perspective and discovering where the industry excels and where it falls short.


How do the crew rate their mental health on-board and do they feel there is adequate support if there is an issue? Do they feel they are spending enough quality time with their friends and family? Do the crew care about pensions or are they saving for the future in a different way? What matters

most to the crew at work? What are the crew’s future ambitions in their careers? These are just a few of the unanswered questions which are so unique to the Superyacht community and ones that only the crew themselves will be able to answer.


This report will cover Staying Connected, Health & Well-Being, Career Development, Pensions and Savings.


Download the report here