Retirement announcement triggers a Senior Director search

Faststream Recruitment was approached by a Board Member of a large shipowner based in Europe following the announcement of their current Managing Director’s plan to retire in the succeeding quarter. We were approached due to the relationship we held with the Board Member in their previous employment, where we had successfully delivered on recruitment briefs in a range of commercial shipping roles.

A new Senior Director requires new skills

The unexpected retirement of the Managing Director created an opportunity for the Board to consider what they would need in a new leader for the next five to ten years and what attributes would be required to continue the success of the business. It also raised the question of who was going to be the right executive search partner to recruit the person the business needed to appoint.

Kelsey Purse, Director of Shipping and Sebastian Zuliani, Manager of Shipping, represented Faststream as our executive search team and were invited to the initial briefing call for the Managing Director search opportunity. Whilst many search firms were considered, Faststream and a globally recognised, generalist executive search business were invited to a two-stage presentation assessment to become their search partner.

The search is awarded to the specialist search business

After delivering both presentations, a full proposal, along with a full and robust methodology statement, we were chosen as the executive search partner due to our proven track record in executive search work in the Maritime and Shipping sectors in addition to our reputation and network.

Our executive search team subsequently attended a thorough and detailed discussion with the Group CEO to understand the role and person specification for the Managing Director position. The client was keen to see candidates with proven success in change management, digitalisation, process, and culture reconstruction. We presented the full recruitment process, the communication plan for both potential candidates and the c-suite themselves, the timings and the information that would be shared at each stage.

Our executive search team approached their network discretely on behalf of the client. Due to the long-standing reputation of Faststream, it enabled the team to quickly reach many passive candidates that others would have had difficulty reaching.

Skills, attitudes and behaviours matrix assessment is delivered

After four weeks, our executive search team had created a long list of potential candidates for the Managing Director position. Before the submission of the longlist, the client had requested a non-biased assessment of the longlist of candidates utilising a carefully created skills, attitudes and behaviours matrix to assess each potential candidate on a rating scale. This also incorporated factors including diversity and inclusion as well as technical and commercial skills assessments. Faststream were also asked to include an evaluation of two potential candidates that had come from internal applications to the role.

Technology enables search, assessment and interviews to continue

The full longlist of candidates was invited to exploratory talks via video software so that introductions could be made, and initial assessments could be considered. The candidates who passed the initial assessment were then invited to be put forward to the first official interview stage utilising video software due to the ongoing travel restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our client narrowed down the shortlist to two exceptional candidates. Following a final stage interview, the successful candidate accepted the role. We discussed and implemented a relocation deal as part of the package and helped advise on visas and a successful handover transition period.

Search completed quickly and confidentially

The client was delighted by the outcome and had successfully acquired a leader who held the attributes that they foresaw continuing the success of the business as well as having the ability to make some significant changes to the business in the upcoming years.

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