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Job Description

We are actively seeking a Middle Distillate Trader with a minimum of 3 years of experience, who can demonstrate proficiency in middle distillate trading and contribute significantly to our profitability and risk management.

  • Execute trades in the middle distillate market, managing positions and exposure according to established risk parameters and trading strategies.
  • Conduct in-depth market analysis to identify trends, pricing differentials, and arbitrage opportunities within the middle distillate sector.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to develop and refine trading strategies aligned with market conditions and company objectives.
  • Contribute substantially to the global Profit and Loss (PnL) through effective risk management and strategic trading activities.
  • Keep abreast of market changes, regulatory updates, and geopolitical factors influencing the middle distillate market.
  • A minimum of 3 years of hands-on experience in trading middle distillates or related energy markets.
  • Proven track record in middle distillate trading with a focus on risk management and contributing to PnL.
  • Proficiency in market analysis, trend identification, and the ability to play arbitrage to capitalize on market opportunities.
  • Strong analytical skills, decision-making abilities, and the capacity to adapt to dynamic market conditions.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work effectively in a team environment.