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Job Description

We have two roles to consider within the data team:  - Weight Data Analysis & Toolsets Lead and an Mass Properties Specialist

The Company: This role is with a leading global defense company. With a wide range of products and services covering air, land and naval forces. This company is dedicated to making the world a safer place. It is a company that prides itself on its commitment to innovation, excellence, and its people. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a professional team working at the forefront of technology, creating solutions that make a difference.

Role 1 Weight Data Analysis: Oversee the assembly of mass properties data to ensure weight and balance management in high-value submarine projects. Tasked with compiling and presenting weight and centroid findings to the Chief Naval Architect. Establish and oversee mass budgets for submarine projects, delineating them down to the system level. Construct and uphold an extensive database cataloging the mass properties of components. Formulate strategies for weight reduction and manage the registry of risks and opportunities associated with the submarine. Analyse CAD models to approximate mass properties and their uncertainties. Conduct initial parametric calculations for mass distribution and moments of inertia, while spearheading the advancement of mass properties estimation methods and tools.

Qualifications and Experience:
  • Possesses a strong foundation in STEM disciplines or has a wealth of relevant experience
  • On track for CEng/IEng status or actively pursuing professional accreditation
  • Capable of autonomous work while also thriving in collaborative settings
Role 2 Mass Properties Specialist: Assemble and manage mass property information for systems and equipment to ensure effective weight and balance oversight in high-value submarine projects. Assist the Mass Properties Lead in consolidating weight and balance data, and report findings to the Chief Naval Architect. Work closely with system design engineers to precisely gauge the mass, balance point, and development stage of various mechanical and electronic systems. Oversee a detailed inventory of component mass properties. Contribute to and spearhead initiatives for weight reduction, while tracking potential weight-related risks and opportunities across different areas of expertise. Examine CAD models to assess mass property estimates and their uncertainties. Apply statistical methods to offer a comprehensive assessment of weight-related risks and opportunities to upper management, stakeholders, and clients.

Qualifications and Experience:
  • Possess a STEM degree or demonstrate substantial experience in the field
  • Must be a Chartered Engineer or on track to obtain Chartered status
  • Capable of autonomous work and offering technical guidance within a collaborative environment
  • Skilled in managing intricate Electrical or Mechanical systems
  • Proficient in data analysis, including evaluating, visualising, adjusting, and showcasing data
  • Experienced in utilising CAD software and related tools
  • Be able to obtain high level Security Clearance
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