Perception vs. Reality of careers at sea and ashore

08 January 2018

Perception vs. Reality of Careers at Sea and Ashore | Faststream Recruitment

What do seafarers really think about working ashore? Which shoreside roles are most attractive to a seafarer? How much do seafarers think roles ashore pay? These are just a few of the questions which seafarers ask themselves before embarking on a career ashore (or deciding to stay at sea) and there are too many common misconceptions which are affecting the transition from sea to shore.  

Faststream surveyed over 2,000 maritime professionals to ask what they really thought about their careers and discover the perception vs. reality of what it's like to work in the maritime industry and how they feel they can progress their career, from an employee's perspective. 

What sets the maritime industry apart from many other business sectors is its reliance on people who have been at sea and served at the sharp end of the industry to be involved ashore. But do seafarers and landlubbers understand each other?

In our latest report 'Perception V.s Reality' we look to answer many of the questions which are so often based on assumption. Download your copy here.