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Cruise was one of the most significantly impacted sectors during the pandemic. In a step change from thriving, to surviving and recovering, and now embracing a fast-paced come back, cruise businesses are being pushed to their limits in how they manage their people strategies moving forward.

In this rapidly changing market, leaders and talent acquisition teams are now faced with new people problems. Redundancies and furlough are now largely in the past. Workforce engagement, recruitment, retention, reward, and benefits are now back at the top of the agenda.

This time around, it can’t be a case of picking up the old rule book, the pandemic has changed people and what they expect. Now is the time to re-evaluate people strategies – what is still current? What is not? What do people really care about?

Reinventing people strategies is going to take a mix of strategic decision making and research. Being able to create something that solves short term problems will need balancing with the medium and long term business needs. How will we retain people? How can we attract new talent? What can we offer to give ourselves a competitive advantage?

There has been limited coverage of the wider thoughts and feelings of cruise professionals and their views on the sector itself. As a business passionate about the sector coupled with our reach of the people, we felt that this year provided a great opportunity to create a unique and extensive global annual survey. We feel it is vital to expose, highlight and establish a new benchmark across several topics including retention, job security, remuneration, benefits, employee engagement, employment, as well as health and wellbeing. This is the first survey of its kind in the sector and one that we believe will be important for years to come.

This Cruise Employment Report aims to uncover the good and the bad of the sector, looking at it from an employee’s point of view. We wanted to discover where the sector excels, and where it falls short.

It covers areas such as: Is the sector still as attractive as it once was? Do employees feel valued? Who will be seeking a new job? How many lost their jobs over the last two years? What causes the most stress at sea? Are shoreside professionals still working remotely? What type of benefits are employees receiving? What is the future of reward? Are people concerned about their job security? These are just a few of the questions that are so unique to the cruise sector and ones that only the employees themselves will answer.

The report covers employment and recruitment trends from both shoreside and seagoing professionals in the cruise sector.

It is split into the following topics:

  • Employment and engagement

  • Working styles

  • Stress at sea

  • Remuneration and benefits

  • Job security

  • Retention

  • The future of the cruise sector

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If you would like to discuss any of the findings, topics and thoughts from the authors, please contact:

For all media enquiries, please contact Nic Jones, Group Marketing Director.

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