10 June 2021

It has not been “business as usual” in the maritime sector, and it is fair to say that none of us has been through a period like this before. The people needed to lead the maritime businesses that keep the world’s fleet running safely, efficiently, and profitably have never been more important.

Download the Senior Maritime Executive Report here

2020 will be remembered as the year of the most significant global pandemic in our lifetimes. It has been imperative for Senior Executives in maritime to respond to the effects of the crisis and lead their businesses through a relentless time of change. For maritime leaders, the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, the fragile economy as well as the virus itself, has made its impact. Significant changes have been made to how maritime leaders respond to challenges and the importance of decision-making has intensified.

It has not been the crisis alone that has made its impact on the year. The pressure to digitally transform businesses, the threat of cyber-attacks, as well as a stronger focus on climate change and building more diverse workforces, have all been significant. 

Whilst we have been working through the toughest time in our business lives, I would like to make a special mention to many of our clients and contacts who have been truly outstanding in this period, working tirelessly to protect their businesses and employees alike. We have seen great examples of brave and courageous leadership that is a testament to many business owners and leaders in this sector.

It was essential that we speak to Senior Maritime Executives to delve deeper into the factors that have impacted them over the last 12 months and their plans on how they will thrive as leaders in the future.

My team and I have created this unique report to establish and highlight trends from a Senior Maritime Executive’s perspective. We look to uncover changes that we have seen since our previous surveys and explore career, reward, working styles, leadership and job seeking from a Senior Executive’s point of view, discovering where the industry has excelled and where it falls short.

It covers areas such as; Has the expatriate lifestyle lost its appeal? What aspects of leadership have Senior Executives had to improve? Have Senior Executives had to adapt their leadership style? How confident are Senior Executives to change jobs? What are leader's views on the future of working styles? What impact has the pandemic had on the future of reward? Will remote working change reward structures? These are just a few of the questions that are so unique to the maritime sector and ones that only Senior Executives themselves will answer. 

This report covers:

  • The expatriate lifestyle

  • Maritime leadership in a global pandemic

  • Maritime executive reward

  • Senior maritime executive careers

  • The future of work and leadership in maritime

  • Conclusion - what lies ahead in the future of the maritime sector

Download the Senior Maritime Executive Report here

Please contact Mark Charman or your Consultant to discuss the findings in more detail.

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