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Job Description

The Safety Superintendent is responsible for all matters of Safety for the ships to which they are assigned. They collaborate with the fleet for matters related to safety on board, verify that all vessels are constantly maintained with high Safety Standards; monitor compliance of on-board equipment and procedures with Company Standards in relation to Fire Risk, Lifesaving and Fire-Fighting.
• Inspects vessels periodically, verifying that Company Safety Standards on board are respected and that the vessel is full in compliance with Class and statutory requirements.
• Monitors the Fire Risk Inspection and safety drill inspection. 
• Verifies the Company Standards for Fire Risk Procedures; 
• Verifies all Company Procedures (SMS & SP) related to the Safety Department; 
• Monitors the General Maintenance of Lifesaving and Firefighting Appliances; 
• Collaborates with Safety Manager & Deck-Safety Inspector when ashore; 
• Monitors and acknowledges SMS Accident Report Documentations; 
• Monitors and acknowledges SMS Notification Report (Vessel Works Pending List); 
• Co-ordinates and attends Dry Docking activities that are relevant to their specialism. Reviews and updates the maintenance schedules based on Ship survey findings and results;
QUALIFICATIONS (skills, competencies, experience)
• Experience sailing as Safety Officer on Cruise Ships / Passenger Ships 
• Fluent English (both oral and written); 
• Excellent Knowledge of ISM Code and Structural Fire Protection; 
• Studies in Nautical College, Certified as First Officer over 3000 GRT; 
• At least 1-year experience as First Deck Officer on board of a cruise vessel; 
• Good knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint; 
• Ability to work successfully as part of a team; 
• Accuracy and attention to detail; 
• Flexible approach to work;
The existing right to work in the UK is preferred.