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Job Description

Job Specification: Energy Efficiency Superintendent - Cruise Line
Position Overview:

The location for this role is Hamburg, Germany.

The Energy Efficiency Superintendent is a critical role within the cruise line's Operations department, responsible for optimizing energy consumption, implementing sustainable practices, and enhancing overall energy efficiency across our fleet of cruise ships. This role involves monitoring, analyzing, and improving various energy-related systems and processes to minimize environmental impact while maintaining operational excellence.


Develop and implement energy management strategies and programs to improve energy efficiency on board cruise ships.

Monitor and analyze energy consumption patterns and identify areas for improvement.

Conduct energy audits and assessments to identify potential energy-saving opportunities.

Collaborate with Superintendents and onboard teams to implement energy-efficient practices and technologies.

Provide technical guidance and support to crew members on energy management best practices.

Stay updated on emerging technologies and industry trends related to energy efficiency.

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