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Job Description

An opportunity for a 2nd Assistant Engineer to join an experienced engine crew onboard a Cement Carrier on the Great Lakes. 

This is an excellent role for someone looking to progress their career underway from 3A/E to 2A/E or gain more sea time as a 2A/E and offers a good potential for future promotion.

Rotation is 30 days on/off with travel reimbursement. 

Responsibilities include:

Inspecting engines and other equipment and ensuring the repair or replacement of defective parts.

Maintaining and operating vessel propulsion systems and regulating power transmission to control the speed of the vessel

Taking the engine room watch during specified periods, observing that required
water levels are maintained in boilers, condensers, and evaporators, load on generators is within acceptable limits.

You will require:
• A U.S. Coast Guard License
• A 2nd Assistant Engineer Steam Ship Endorsement
• A current TWIC
• A current Passport

We are looking for someone to join the ship as soon as possible.