Jake Jessey - Faststream Recruitment
​Jake Jessey, Associate Director at Faststream Recruitment in Southampton, UK shares an insight into his day managing a successful marine and energy recruitment division.

5:00 am: On a working day, I like to wake up early and set my day up for success. My alarm goes off at 5:00 am and I am straight out the door for a morning dog walk and coffee. As soon as I am back, I am onto my mobile phone to start organising my day.

This includes prioritising my actions for the day, scheduling social media posts for LinkedIn, and engaging with my online maritime network.

7:15 am: My commute to work begins. It’s a 45-minute car journey, so I put on a motivational podcast to get my mind going.

8:00 am: I arrive at the office. We have a great flexible working policy, but I like to get in early. It has become part of my routine and it gives me the bonus of missing the traffic.

I make it a priority to be in the office and working before anyone in my team so that I can welcome them and say good morning when they arrive. As a manager, I wouldn’t feel comfortable coming in later when my team are already there, working hard.

A day in the life of a recruitment consultant - Faststream Recruitment

8:15 am: After catching up with some colleagues, I immediately action applications that have come in overnight. I have a rule in my mailbox that organises applications to go into one inbox. It’s great for being efficient with my time and applications are a high priority in recruitment.

9:00 am: All my team are in, so it's time to go through their plans of action for the day. We do this in an informal setting at their desks to understand their priorities for the day. I also see if anyone has any individual concerns or anything that I can help them with.

10:00 am: Time for the marine and energy team meeting in the board room to discuss key objectives for the week, share updates on the clients we are working with, and the roles we are recruiting for.

10:30 am: Back to the desk because it's time to start speaking with candidates in my network, who I know will be great for the many energy roles that I am recruiting for. I have an extensive but niche network that I have built up over the years and therefore I always have a group of energy and marine professionals that I will discuss opportunities with.

1:00 pm: Wow, is that the time? The mornings always go so quickly. I best take a break for lunch.

I usually bring a healthy lunch from home but today I want to stretch my legs and take a walk into town with some of the team. We have a sociable company culture at Faststream, so there is always someone to take a lunch break with. We even have a Faststream running club, which some of my team are part of.

A day in the life of a recruitment consultant - Faststream Recruitment

2:00 pm: After a delicious lunch with the team, it is time to run a training session with some of the recruitment consultants. Each consultant has a list of clients they want to connect with, so today it is time to understand how they are progressing with their clients and forward pipeline.

3:00 pm: I have some client and candidate calls to make myself; that is my objective for the next couple of hours. No day is the same but dedicating time in my diary for these calls is crucial to success.

4:00 pm: One of my long-standing clients has a new urgent requirement for a Marine Operator. After taking a detailed job order, it’s time to start engaging with candidates for this role.

5:00 pm: After a productive day in recruitment, it's time to head home to see the family but before I do that, I always ensure that I am organised and have a clean desk for another productive day tomorrow.

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