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  • Start Date: 25 Apr 2022 - 28 Apr 2022
  • Start Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Location: Miami Beach, Florida

​Seatrade Cruise Global is one of the largest and most anticipated events across the cruise industry. With industry professionals attending from over 100 countries, we are excited to see what is in store this year.

Taking place in the heart of Miami Beach, Florida - Seatrade Cruise Global sets the scene for a hub of all things cruise. Attendees can expect to be in the company of innovators, cruise experts and like-minded cruise experts, who are passionate about the cruise industry. Presenting the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the latest industry trends, topics, and conversations.

This year’s event promises to provide a truly unique experience, where attendees will have access to over 500 exhibitors, who will be on hand to share the latest innovations, technology, cruise designs, and much more.

After a challenging time for the industry over the past few years, 2022 has started with positivity as more cruises have set sail, new ships are being built, and cruising is gaining full momentum again. With this, Seatrade Cruise Global is a fantastic opportunity to get back out there and involved with in-person events once again.

What can you expect this year?

  • The Conference

  • The New Matchmaking Service

  • Exclusive Show Features

  • Event Exhibitors

    Faststream Recruitment - Seatrade Cruise Global

The Conference

Recognised as the world’s most attended cruise conference, thought leaders will take the stage to discuss and debate on the most talked about topics. There is so much to talk about, and the conference is the perfect way to explore the topics that have been on everyone’s minds.

Keynote speakers will also take centre stage to share their perspectives and predictions on this year’s keynote: ‘State of the Cruise Industry’. Unpacking and delving into issues such as responsible tourism practices and how to deliver and create memorable, exceptional cruise experiences.

You can expect an array of unique keynotes that aim to inspire and educate industry professionals from across the globe.

Martin Bennell will be moderating and hosting the much anticipated “Staffing and Crewing Challenges and Opportunities” session on Thursday 28th April from 11 to 11:30 am ET. This session will be held in room 206/208 in the main conference hall. Secure your ticket to the conference where you can enjoy all the sessions, including the “Staffing and Crewing Challenges and Opportunities” session here.

Panelists include: Jim Barreiro de León, President and CEO, Cruise Management International, Inc., Camille Drevillon, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Planning and BA Return on Experience and Investment: Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Retail Immersion Business Development, Abercrombie & Kent.

Exclusive show features

Seatrade Cruise Global have fully leveraged the very latest innovations in technology and have created a new interactive technology zone. Here you can be amongst the first to experience virtual reality cruise experiences, enjoy the event's large networking lounge, attend business lunches, and workshops and interact with other attendees. There is so much to see and do, you will be spoilt for choice.

Event Exhibitors

With over 500 exhibitors in attendance, Seatrade Cruise Global is the largest cruise trade event. Exhibitors include those from sectors including technology, entertainment, shipbuilding, hotels, cruise destinations, shipbuilding and many more.

By connecting with the exhibitors, you will uncover the newest products and services that are on offer to the cruise industry.

What next?

Our Executive Cruise Maritime team will be in attendance, including Managing Director Martin Bennell, and Team Leader Andrew Hargroves.

We will be attending various presentations and networking events throughout the four days.

Martin and Andrew are also available to discuss the findings from the industry’s first Cruise Employment Report, which highlights key trends and thought leadership from professionals across the cruise industry.  

We'd love to meet up, so please do get in contact and arrange a meeting in advance.

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