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  • Start Date: 18 Jun 2024 - 19 Jun 2024
  • Start Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Location: Manchester Central Convention Complex, UK

​Join us for an extraordinary gathering at RenewableUK's Global Offshore Wind 2024, set to unfold from Tuesday the 18th to Wednesday the 19th of June at Manchester Central Convention Complex, UK. This event promises two days packed with insights, innovations, and networking opportunities, all geared towards advancing the offshore wind industry and accelerating the transition to clean energy. Will we see you there?

Meet us at RenewableUK's Global Offshore Wind 2024

Why Attend?

Join over 5,000 attendees from 50+ countries at an event where you can gain cutting-edge insights from 200+ speakers at the forefront of offshore wind technology, policy, and finance. This is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with 260+ exhibitors, engage in meaningful discussions, and expand your professional network within the global offshore wind community. Stay ahead with comprehensive market intelligence, discover investment opportunities, and understand regulatory developments that impact the sector.


Meet us at RenewableUK's Global Offshore Wind 2024

What Can You Expect?

RenewableUK's Global Offshore Wind 2024 features a diverse lineup of activities designed to inform and inspire attendees. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

Conference Programme:

This programme is a comprehensive agenda that addresses pivotal topics shaping the industry’s future. Sessions like “Global Offshore Wind 2024: Coming of age” delve into the sector’s maturity and its readiness to meet global energy demands. “Strategic planning: Defining the offshore wind contribution towards meeting net zero” explores how offshore wind projects can be strategically planned to significantly contribute to net-zero emissions. Meanwhile, “Grid dynamics: Adapting to changing energy landscapes” examines the evolution of energy grids in response to the integration of offshore wind energy and other renewables. These sessions, among many others, offer attendees a deep dive into the critical issues and innovative solutions driving the offshore wind industry forward.

View the full agenda here

Meet us at RenewableUK's Global Offshore Wind 2024

Theatre Programme:

The Theatre Programme is a dynamic platform divided into three zones, each focusing on a unique aspect of the industry:

  • Energy Transition Zone: Sponsored by ScottishPower Renewables, this zone provides industry insights with sessions like “Lessons learnt from UK offshore wind,” strategies for “Positively influencing human performance in the wind industry,” and forward-thinking concepts such as “Sustainable-by-design: Pioneering engineering for a better future.”

  • Innovation Theatre: Sponsored by Vestas, this theatre showcases cutting-edge projects and ideas with presentations on “DESNZ’s Floating Offshore Wind Demonstration programme,” updates on “Towards a UK National Floating Wind Test Centre,” and discussions on “Advancing sustainability through shared mooring systems in floating offshore wind farms.”

  • Supply Chain Hub: Venterra is sponsoring this hub, which delves into the practical challenges and strategic approaches within the supply chain. Topics include “Monopile installation: Overcoming the challenges,” “Seabed leasing for floating offshore wind: strategies adopted in different country markets,” and a global perspective with “Building the global offshore wind supply chain for a 1.5°C world.”

Each zone fosters learning, innovation, and collaboration among attendees.

Learn more about the Theatre Programme here

Meet us at RenewableUK's Global Offshore Wind 2024


The event boasts an impressive line-up of speakers from diverse sectors within the offshore wind industry. Notable experts include Javier Abanades, Head of Offshore at TYPSA, who brings a wealth of knowledge in energy division strategies; Kirsty Adams, Head of Supply Chain at Bluefloat Energy, offering insights into supply chain management; and Stephen Bull, CEO of Vårgrønn, who will share his expertise on sustainable energy solutions.

Additionally, Sophie Hartfield Lewis from bp will discuss project development support and consents, while Philippe Kavafyan, CEO of Venterra Group, will provide his perspective on industry leadership. These speakers, among many others, will contribute to a rich conversation on the future of offshore wind, sharing their experiences and visions for a sustainable energy landscape.

See the full list of speakers here

Meet us at RenewableUK's Global Offshore Wind 2024


The event’s exhibitors represent a diverse range of companies and organisations within the offshore wind industry. The exhibitors offer valuable insights, products, and services that contribute to the growth and advancement of the offshore wind sector. Visitors can explore their offerings, engage in discussions, and discover innovative solutions at the event.

See the full list of exhibitors here


Meet us at RenewableUK's Global Offshore Wind 2024

Meet Us

We look forward to attending RenewableUK's Global Offshore Wind 2024 and shaping the future of clean energy together.

If you plan to attend the event, we would be pleased to meet you there. Please contact Adam Graves, Director of Marine and Energy and Matt Bridge, Associate Director - Crew Recruitment in advance to arrange a meeting.

In the meantime, follow us on LinkedIn for the latest event insights and find out more.

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