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  • Start Date: 19 Sep 2023
  • Start Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Location: Singapore

Faststream brings you the Interviewing Skills in a Talent Short Market seminar. Develop your skills in interviewing and securing talent.

Faststream Recruitment is delighted to bring you a session dedicated to Interviewing Skills in a Talent Short Market. This event is exclusive to Faststream’s valued clients and one not to be missed.

The session is dedicated to helping you develop your interview skills and will be perfect for anyone involved in your business’s hiring process, now or in the future.

The session will be run by Rachel Farndell, Director of Talent and Learning & Development at Faststream Recruitment. Rachel has led and championed recruitment and learning and development for us for over 20 years. She will deliver a session with a clear objective to make you better at interviewing candidates for your opportunities. Topics covered include:

  • Increasing your awareness of current market conditions and impacts on recruitment

  • Provide best practices and proven techniques for conducting great interviews

  • Ways to improve the candidate experience in your business

  • How to improve staff retention through better quality hires

From 9 am, you can enjoy breakfast and refreshments whilst you enrol for the session. The session will start with a short overview of current trends and insights in the maritime and shipping recruitment market. Rachel will then move into the main part of the session where she will cover ‘What makes a great interview?’ She will cover four winning strategies, including:

1. Great interviews start with great preparation

2. Great interviews are always a two-way street

3. Great interviews are non-bias and ensure the best person for the job gets hired

4. Great interviews require great communication to elevate your brand and secure the best talent

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Interviewing Skills in a Talent Short Market - Singapore
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