04 January 2022

Have you been thinking about a new job but are unsure whether to take the plunge? The New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start and securing a new job could be a great way to kick off your year.

How do you know if you are ready to make the move? As experts in Maritime recruitment, we have outlined 10 signs that could indicate a job change might be the right decision for you.

1. You dread going to work

If you dread going to work, why are you still there? You need to consider the amount of time you are spending at work and whether or not you are getting the job satisfaction you envisaged when you initially accepted the role.

If there is a certain situation that you believe could be changed to improve your happiness at work, we suggest speaking to your employer to see if there is a possible solution. On the other hand, if there are too many factors contributing to the dread you face, a change in your job might be the answer to changing your outlook towards work.

Dreading work is not a good mindset to have and this alone is a clear sign change is needed.

2. You have already checked out

If you have mentally checked out and are not putting in the effort to go beyond what it says in your job description this is a sure sign that you are either in the wrong job or are working in the wrong business. Staying in a job that you do not care about is a disservice to both yourself and your employer.

Signs you have checked out include:

  • You are clock-watching and counting down the hours and minutes, waiting for the end of the working day

  • You have no excitement or passion for your work

  • You are leaving work early or arriving late

  • You are not putting in the effort to your work and doing things without any care

  • You have no interest in what is happening in the business or where your role is going

3. You are not progressing

A good career should offer the opportunity to progress and learn in your role. If you’re not progressing ask yourself and your Manager why. Do you want to progress and if so what are the opportunities to do so? If your employer cannot offer this or is not concerned about your progression, then it is probably time to look for an opportunity that allows you to carve a good career for yourself.

Remember, your job should challenge you on a daily basis and you should always be looking for ways to step out of your comfort zone and build on your professional skills. If you find yourself in a situation where you are stagnant, it is time to explore your options.

4. You are complaining to others

Do you find yourself complaining to other people about your job? Moaning about the small things every once in a while is fine, but when you find yourself following this pattern every day it is a massive warning sign.

Do you really want to be in a job that doesn’t make you happy? Your job should bring you an element of joy, satisfaction and reward. It should not make you feel miserable.

5. You have never had a pay rise

Perhaps you have developed your skills and you are putting in the hard work but you have never had a pay rise, or has it been some time since your last one? Similar to progression a pay rise shows recognition that you are doing well and shows that your employer sees you as a valuable person in their business.

After a while, you may be asking yourself why you are putting in the hard work and not seeing any reward. Performance reviews are a great time to discuss pay rises with your employer but if you ask for one and it is rejected or you are told to bring it up again in a few months, it’s time to do some research on what other employers are paying.

If you find other businesses in your industry are paying more and you no longer feel valued in your job, this is a crucial sign you are ready for your next opportunity.

10 signs you are ready for a new job

6. You feel rundown and stressed

A little bit of stress is normal, it shows you care about your job and that you have a good amount of responsibility. However, if you find yourself feeling anxious, worried about work and constantly feeling under immense pressure this is a sign that something needs to change.

According to the Mental Health Foundation 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems at work. Workplace wellbeing should be a key priority and everyone should be in a job that supports this. Is your current job really worth the detrimental health effects that stress can have on the body?

If you find yourself feeling this way, spend time researching jobs and companies that offer a flexible work-life balance. There are many organisations out there that support the well-being of their employers and promote job satisfaction.

7. You are ready for a change

You may have enjoyed your job and working for your employer during the time that you have spent there, but have you been thinking about what’s next? This could be in the form of a new job or even a change in career. Change is good for keeping the passion for what you do and ensuring you are always challenging yourself to do better and develop as a person.

8. You don’t align with the company culture or values

Company culture is an important aspect of any job and it contributes greatly to job satisfaction. If employees fit in with the company culture, they are more likely to be happy and feel positive about where they work. However, if someone does not feel like they ‘fit in’ or does not resonate with the company culture they are more likely to feel alienated and negative towards the workplace.

Similarly, aligning with the values of where you work will significantly influence your happiness at work. If you find yourself disagreeing with the values, ethos, and mission of your current company you are definitely in the wrong job.

Employees should believe in what they are doing and why they are doing it. If not, what will motivate you?

9. You aren’t motivated

If you love your job, you will be motivated to do well and make every day count. You’ll be motivated to bring new ideas to the table and work that extra bit harder. However, if you aren’t motivated, you’ll probably be finding anything to do other than your actual job.

There are several factors that might contribute to this, many being the ones listed above but if you find yourself in this situation it is an obvious sign that you need to move into a role where you are motivated to do well and be successful.

10. You have already started looking at new jobs

Have you found yourself scrolling through job boards regularly? If you are happy in your job you shouldn't be thinking about looking at what else is out there. This is one of the most obvious signs you need to stop just looking and start applying.

At Faststream Recruitment, we are dedicated to supporting Maritime, Shipping and Energy candidates in finding them their dream job opportunities.

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