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Job Description

Silverstream Technologies is actively recruiting for a Performance Analyst to join their innovative, marketing leading technology company.

Silverstream Technologies has successfully developed and deployed a market-leading clean marine technology solution over the last ten years – The Silverstream® System. Our Air Lubrication System (ALS) fundamentally changes the interaction between water and a vessel’s hull, creating a carpet of microbubbles that coats the flat bottom of a vessel. As a result, frictional resistance is reduced – dramatically improving a vessel’s fuel consumption and associated emissions.

Role Summary...
Reporting to the Product Development Lead, the Performance Analyst will act as a focal point for System Performance. This will entail you developing a clear understanding of the means by which the Silverstream® System delivers savings. You will assist the KTP Associate and Data Engineer with activities linked to interrogation of actual performance data secured from vessels operating with the Silverstream® System. You will be involved in communicating system performance information to potential clients (Ship Owners, Operators and Charterers) and be responsible for delivery of performance analysis reports as required. You will help develop tools to simplify the creation of performance estimates and track performance across different vessel types, sizes, and operational profiles. You will also assist in the broader delivery of the Silverstream IR&D programme as required by the Product Development Lead.
Key Responsibilities...
  • Take responsibility for health and safety in all aspects of your role.
  • Carry out Performance Estimates through developing Early Stage Designs (primarily Air Release Unit positioning and arrangements which drive basic performance).
  • Act as focal point for creation of Performance Estimates for ALS across all vessel types.
  • Maintain a clear database of Performance Estimates and utilise the database to ensure consistency of guidance given to the customers whilst reducing burden upon resources.
  • Enhance Performance Prediction desktop tools to increase accuracy of guidance given to the business on the current and potential benefits of the technology.
  • Cross-connect Performance Prediction tools with actual performance proven at ship to enhance accuracy of guidance given to the business.
  • Gain a full and detailed understanding of experimental works executed to date and the theoretical modelling techniques applied in Performance Prediction. Subsequently assist in management, execution and control of experimental works associated with maximising the benefits of the Silverstream® System.
  • Develop a clear understanding of the technical aspects associated with ALS performance inclusive but not limited to; analysis of hull flow regimes inclusive of interpretation of CFD modelling, position, and integration of Air Release Units (ARU) in terms of both positioning for bubble carpet coverage of the Flat of Bottom and ease of structural integration, system losses (inclusive of pipe and valve arrangements), and selection of appropriate compressors to meet system demands.
  • Familiarise yourself with data analysis tools as applied by Silverstream Technologies.
Skills, Qualifications and Experience...  
  • Higher Degree in Naval Architecture of equivalent subject.
  • A clear and demonstrable understanding of ship resistance and propulsion.
  • A basic understanding of hydrodynamics and execution of experimental works relating thereto is desirable.
  • Basic understanding of application of CFD techniques and limitations is desirable.
  • A basic understanding of marine piping systems and ability to calculate pipe system losses is desirable.
  • Conversant with AutoCAD and/or similar drafting packages. Some experience with Solid
  • Works/3D modelling is desirable.
  • Competent, hands-on computer skills.
  • Familiar with basic data analysis techniques.
  • Ability to code in Python, MatLAB, SQL or similar is desirable. Desire to learn coding is essential.