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Job Description

The Company
Faststream Recruitment is partnering with a dynamic ship management company committed to excellence and innovation in the maritime industry. The company operates a diverse fleet of dry Cargo vessels. They are known for fostering an inclusive environment that values technical expertise and respectful communication.

The Reward
We seek a leader to join this esteemed company and play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing their fleet's and Teams performance. This is an opportunity to work in a collaborative environment emphasising operational efficiency and safety. The company offers competitive compensation, benefits, and professional growth opportunities.

The Requirements

This position requires someone who can pull a team together and get everyone moving in the same direction. Likely the individual who steps into this role will have had lengthy experience in a senior role and may even be looking for their last step before retirement to raise standards and steer the ship back in the right direction.
Someone with a cool head who has overcome change management challenges within a business and has been the figurehead through difficult times, while being able to provide a roadmap that pulls everyone together under one clear direction will excel in this role.
We are seeking a highly qualified individual with:

  • Experience as a Technical Director in a mid to large-size company.
  • Strong technical knowledge in managing Dy Cargo vessels
  • Previous experience dealing with change management within a shipping company 
  • Excellent communication skills to set goals, provide feedback, and foster accountability.
  • The ability to lead by example with honesty and integrity.
  • A collaborative mindset to work effectively within the group and promote a unified brand vision.
Operational Tasks
The candidate will ensure the fleet's vessels are in optimal condition, efficiently and safely operated. Responsibilities include managing the Planned Management System (PMS), planning repairs and dry-docking, and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations. Overseeing audits, resolving deficiencies, and leading a technical support team are key duties.

The role involves managing special projects, monitoring vessel performance, optimizing efficiency, and implementing new technologies. Budget preparation, stakeholder coordination, and supplier relationships are essential.

Additionally, the role includes crew performance evaluation, emergency response planning, developing long-term technical strategies, preparing technical reports, maintaining up-to-date documentation, liaising with departments, and handling technical insurance claims.

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If you are a proactive and experienced leader with a passion for ship management and a commitment to excellence, Faststream Recruitment invites you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Join in driving innovation and excellence in ship management.