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Job Description

Our client are  a global leader within the shipping and maritime sector.

Committed to excellence and innovation, they  are currently seeking a dynamic and experienced professional to join their team as a Fleet Safety and Compliance Manager.

If you are passionate about safety, possess extensive experience in the maritime industry, and thrive in a collaborative and innovative environment, we want to hear from you!

Purpose of the Role: As the Fleet Safety and Compliance Manager, you will play a pivotal role in leading the development and implementation of policies, processes, and strategies to enhance and accelerate our fleet safety principles and safety culture. Your primary focus will be on safeguarding our clients people, assets, and customer supply chains.

Additionally, you will drive strategic improvement initiatives related to Safety & Compliance and contribute to the transformation of our business through the implementation of an aligned Quality & Safety management system.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Develop a governance framework for fleet management, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to establish an ISO-based Quality management system.
  • Spearhead the transformation of systems and processes, leading the development of a Safety Management System (SMS) for continuous risk identification and management.
  • Drive and develop worldwide fleet management strategies, collaborating with ship management to ensure safety and compliance on board.
  • Administer a Seafarer engagement program to enhance the connection between our seafarers and the company, including communication and awareness campaigns.
  • Prepare consolidated reports for the executive team on the global improvement agenda, safety culture progression, and strategy development.
  • Conduct audits, visit vessels, attend conferences, and engage with ship manager offices worldwide to ensure effective verification of SMS implementation.
  • Stay abreast of industry trends, seek external knowledge, and promote innovation to ensure our policies, processes, and systems align with emerging regulatory changes.
  • Assist in developing and leading a fleet secondment program for the group, including line administration responsibilities.
  • Implement digital solutions for systems, processes, and reporting, utilizing modern data and analysis technology.

Knowledge and Skills:
  • University degree in fields associated with the role, preferably from the maritime industry (Health & Safety, Security, Risk, Crisis, etc.).
  • Extensive experience in a similar role within the shipping-related business, DPA (Designated Person Ashore), or HSEQ Manager.
  • Digital management/platform awareness/openness.
  • Strong decision-making based on data analysis and statistics.
  • Detail-oriented with a structured working manner and organized mindset.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to articulate well, including with executives.
  • Strong team orientation with a collaborative leadership style.
Key Interfaces/Stakeholders:
  • Internal group segments across the company.
  • External ship managers and vessels.
  • External owners, strategic suppliers, and regulatory bodies.
Behavioral Competencies:
  • Adaptability: Openness to changing conditions; willingness to challenge old cultures or processes.
  • Collaboration: Works well in teams, develops cooperation, and seeks solutions that benefit all involved parties.
  • Customer Orientation: Demonstrates concern for the needs and expectations of external or internal customers.
  • Dependability: Works with integrity, takes responsibility for actions and decisions, and deals with problems proactively.
  • Communication Skills: Shapes communication to the needs of the audience, conveys ideas clearly, and listens attentively to others.
If you are ready to contribute to a global leader in the shipping and maritime industry  and drive excellence in fleet safety and compliance, apply now and be part of our  clients dynamic team!