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Job Description

Job Purpose:

Are you ready to take the helm of our clients maritime operations and steer them toward excellence?

We're seeking a Crewing Manager to be the cornerstone of our client's crewing department, ensuring seamless operations in accordance with international regulations and client standards.

If you're passionate about the maritime industry and thrive in a dynamic environment, this is the role for you.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
Operational Responsibilities:
  • Be the driving force behind crew changes, meticulously planning and coordinating every detail.
  • From recruitment to payroll, you'll oversee the entire crewing process with precision and expertise.
  • Foster a culture of performance excellence among crew members, ensuring they're at the top of their game.
  • Act as the bridge between our company and manning agents, facilitating smooth communication and collaboration.
  • Champion crew welfare and safety, always ready to tackle emergencies with efficiency and compassion.
HSEQ Responsibilities:
  • Lead the charge in enhancing our Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) standards.
  • Instill a culture of safety and environmental consciousness among our crew members.
  • Contribute to emergency response planning, ensuring we're always prepared for any situation.
Reporting Responsibilities:
  • Deliver insightful reports to management, offering valuable insights into crewing operations and performance.
  • Provide detailed cost analysis to our Accounts team, ensuring financial transparency and efficiency.
  • Maintain meticulous records and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
Skills & Knowledge:
  • Fluent in English, with a knack for clear and effective communication.
  • Experience in a similar role
  • Your proficiency in Outlook, Word, and Excel is unparalleled.
  • You have a solid understanding of marine operations and are well-versed in MLC 2006 regulations.
Why Join Us:
  • Be part of a dynamic team driving innovation and excellence in the maritime industry.
  • Enjoy a supportive work environment where your contributions are valued and recognized.
  • Take on challenging yet rewarding responsibilities that will push you to grow both personally and professionally.
  • Make a real difference in ensuring the safety, welfare, and efficiency of our clients crew members.
If you're ready to embark on a thrilling journey as our client's Crewing Manager, where every day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth, we invite you to apply now and become an integral part of our success story. Join us as we set sail toward a brighter future in the maritime world!