“You can realise your potential”

There are no ‘glass ceilings’ in Faststream, I joined as a recruitment consultant five years ago in the Southampton headoffice, now I’m Lead Consultant in their Asia-Pacfic Singapore office.

Hard work, drive and commitment is recognised and rewarded well, and Faststream will help you realise your potential. Even though there have been lots of changes as Faststream are growing, we’ve always been made to feel a part of it which makes you feel really valued.

Faststream has clients on every continent and we are always encouraged to meet them and build better relationships. As an organisation we fly enough air miles each year to circumnavigate the world over ten times!

One of the best parts of the job is the ability to establish yourself as a specialist on your desk - for me the Commerical Shipping industry. This has given me a real edge in my career and ensures no day is ever the same.

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