Veterans Day

Faststream Recruitment Group thanks all veterans for their service to our country. On this Veterans Day, we understand the importance of assisting veterans in the transition process into civilian life and to help them gain employment. 

Many companies in the U.S. are interested in hiring veterans but sometimes don’t know how best to go about recruiting veterans.  Faststream Recruitment Group offers the following for companies who want to hire veterans.

What companies can do to support veterans in the employment process:

  • Partner with government supported programs or non-profit organizations to recruit veterans.  There are many options available to veterans that assist with job placement.  Companies that partner with some of the programs or organizations may be eligible for tax incentives.
  • Companies looking to hire veterans need to have a good understanding of the military jobs veterans had while serving and how those jobs and responsibilities translate from the military to civilian job opportunities.  We find that this is a two- pronged approach.  Companies need to better educate themselves on the skill sets veterans acquired in the different military branches that can be of benefit to them.  Conversely, the military should provide exit strategies and identify companies that could use the skill sets of veterans.

Some companies specifically look for certain military certifications from the Navy or United States Coast Guard (USCG) for many technical-based job opportunities. The certificates held by these veterans translate directly to certain employment opportunities due to codes and compliance regulation in the Maritime industry.

Corporations may express concern about how veterans will fit culturally into the organization. These companies want to ensure success for veterans in a more relaxed or corporate environment.   Utilizing PPA’s and personality assessments can be beneficial and help veterans and hiring companies look deeper into the culture fit.

Ensuring a culture fit for the veteran is an important part of the interview selection process.  Most companies today agree that hiring, onboarding and training new hires is expensive and time intensive so a culture fit is never to be underestimated in the selection process.

Utilizing a third party recruitment firm can assist in the interview and selection process by representing the veteran, not just the resume.