Latest team updates: 

Entry 22 - IOM 


A tough 8 miles today, will continue with shorter walks for the remaining 2 weeks……

Ann Duggan


Entry 21 - IOM


SSML Team walk today – 17 miles!  Tough walk and last one as a team before the event.

Ann Duggan 


Admirals Quay

Entry 20 - Southampton


Following advice from previous participants, the Faststream team have stopped training on the flat roads of Hampshire and have taken to ‘steps’. The best venue locally has proved to be the brand new ‘Admirals Quay’ building in Ocean Village. It’s 26 stories high and is the tallest building for many miles around. 2 lunch times per week we are now trudging up and down the emergency fire escape – admiring the views of ‘grey, unpainted walls!!

This weekend we are heading to the South Downs for a 6 hour prep walk which should test our fitness levels. 1 month to go…

Martin Bennell


Highlands Hike Highlands Hike 1 Highlands Hike 2

Entry 19 - Scotland


I spent last week in the Scottish Highlands in a village called Arisaig on the North West Coast of Scotland and took advantage of the terrain and breath taking views. I managed to get in two 8 mile hikes and an few beach runs for good measure. 

Not long to go now and looking forward to the challenge. I hope everyone else’s training is going to plan (Matt Barwell)? 

Neal Mankey 


Entry 18 - IOM


Unfortunately I didn’t make the 17 miles mark today, 12 miles was all I could achieve due to uncomfortable footwear.

My 3rd pair of boots are now ordered so fingers crossed!

Ann Duggan


Entry 17 - IOM


06.50am start and a solo walk this weekend so stuck to the roads, although in the Isle of Man no long walk is without its up’s and down’s!

Pretty cold at the highest point and extra layers needed as the mist had appeared.

My furthest distance yet at 15.74 miles.

Challenge for next weekend to hit the 17 miles mark and hoping the weather will start to improve.

Ann Duggan


Entry 16 - IOM


SSML team walk today, a blustery but dry day we managed a good 11.5 miles at a good pace, another walk planned for next weekend to hit the 15 miles mark!


 Ann Dug

Entry 15 - IOM


My first 14 mile walk, very tough but beautiful scenery and only one blister!

Ann Duggan


Ann  Dug 1Ann  Dug 2

Entry 14 - The tags are off!


Richard Turner



Entry 13 - Paris


This month I continued my 'every little helps' training policy and decided to walk the steps of the Eiffel Tower instead of taking the lift with my family! The way down seemed much easier, although this may have been due to the glass of Champagne that I drank at the top!!

Martin Bennell



Ann Dug 3

Entry 12 - IOM


A damp and miserable day on Good Friday but a good 11 mile walk.

Ann Duggan


AD 2AD 1

Entry 11 - South Barrule


As the evenings get lighter and days a little warmer the training has started again and must now continue.

I had a great walk up South Barrule again but this time followed the footpath and got up and down in record time.

Dudley enjoyed the walk and kept a good pace!

Let’s hope this glorious weather continues………

Ann Duggan



Entry 10 


Matt’s latest home delivery… look the part, feel the part!

Matt Barwell


Pilates -physio -2 

Entry 9 - 148 days to go...


I bumped into my physio at the weekend so mentioned my plans to walk 24 peaks in 24 hours later in the year. He assured me that it would be tougher than the marathon and training was the key to success! He also mentioned that he'd tried a similar event a few years earlier but had slipped on a wet rock in the first 30mins and pulled his groin, thus not completing the task!!

So I have taken his advise and so far this week have walked a combined total of 1 hour 40 mins - it may not seem like much but to steal a famous supermarket quote "every little helps'. (More importantly, I have also successfully avoided any wet rocks and therefore remain injury free!!)

Martin Bennell


Entry 8 - Training (Southampton)


6am morning run, 4 miles done in 32 minutes, great start to the day and ready to recruit!!!!

Neal Mankey



Entry 7 – Training (Winchester)


After being inspired by watching Beyond The Edge, a docu-film about Sir Edmund Hillary climbing Mount Everest, I swapped my beers for my running shoes and clocked up an easy 4 miles Friday night, 6 miles of mixed terrain via St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester Sunday morning and a gentle 3 miles this morning to help the aching (apparently it helps but I’m not feeling it)! Highly recommend the film too, found it on Netflix.

Neal Mankey



Entry 6 - Skiing


It's a bit whiter where I am!

I didn't break any bones but it was certainly a good 'thigh' workout!!

Martin Bennell


Photo 12 Photo2 Photo1 Photo4 Photo 2 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo2


Entry 5 - Training (IOM)


This week we got off to a good start with our training, two lunch time walks during work and our first ‘team’ walk in the Manx hills.

South Barrule was the chosen route for our first challenge, this is the highest hill in the south of the Isle of Man. Being novice walkers we took it upon ourselves to just ‘go with the flow’ and follow a footpath. This soon took us off track through thick heather which at 5ft 4” felt like I was climbing through 6ft snow drifts!!

After catching our breathe on the way up we did eventually make it to the top, fortunately it was a dry day but the good old manx wind was pretty blustery at the top, a couple of quick ‘selfies’ and we started our descent.

‘Going with the flow’ at this point may not have been such a good idea as we soon found ourselves surrounded by the conifer plantations of which the only way I can describe us getting through this was by squatting under the trees to find daylight!

2 hours and 20 minutes later we arrived back at the car park, a harsh lesson learnt that we must plan our route beforehand.

Waking up today (Sunday) I felt fit enough to get out and run my first 5.5 miles of 2015 and the only comfort being that we have hopefully started our training early enough to try and complete this challenge. I also had a thought to contact my cousin Tom Cubbon who lives an hour away from the Lakes and has himself competed in adventure races, fell running, night navigation, iron man, Isle of Man Manx marathon and last summer a 2 day mountain marathon, if anyone is qualified to give me advise this was my man!

So continue on we must and train train train, until next week……..

Ann Duggan


Entry 4 - Training (Southampton)


Cheeky little 4 mile off road run this morning, cleared the cobwebs and set me up for the day!

Neal Mankey


Ann Duggan

Entry 3 - Training (IOM)


Ann's is in training with her dog Dudley! We thought this picture was too cute to not share.


Full Size Render

Entry 2 - Training (Mull Hill, IOM)


Men Wanted...


"MEN WANTED..... for hazardous journey.  Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger.  Safe return doubtful.  Honour and recognition in case of success" Words taken from an add placed by a fellow named Ernest Shackleton in 1914.

One December morning in 2014 Martin gave me call to let me know about a 'little bit of a walk" in the summer where we could make some decent money for charity.  "Was I interested and could I get a team together?" After a very brief chat with the most likely candidates (selection criteria: must like fitness and/or won't say no to a challenge). With some 'not so serious' consideration later, we had a team, a support crew and a camper. 


Revelation and realisation.  Soon after what was initially a fairly easy sell, the Isle of Man crew read up on the what this adventure was going to entail.  This was big... was this the start of team of an Isle of Man / Southampton global adventure race team??! Doubtful. 


Our resident fitness expert had a plan.... Apparently we needed to train...train hard...train very hard.  So here the Isle of Man crew starts in our efforts to get in shape for the 2015 24 peaks Challenge!  Join with us as we share our story..... 

It's all in the detail.....  Until next time good readers.  

Richard Knighton 


Entry 1 - Training commences!


Welcome to our 24 Peaks training blog… will they survive?? 

The challenge: Climb 24 peaks (all over 2,400 feet) in 24 hours across the Lake District. The course is 50 miles long and includes Scafell Pike, the highest peak in England! 

Why you may be asking… To raise money for Seafarers UK, a charity that helps people in the maritime community, by providing vital funding to support seafarers in need and their families. 

The team: Faststream and Shell Ship Management have combined to form a fighting fit team… well hopefully they will be after A LOT of training! Put a face to the name and find out more about them on the right hand side. 

We will be keeping the blog updated with all the latest team and individual training news so you can follow them on their fitness journey in preparation for the gruelling 24 Peaks challenge in July. Will there be blood, sweat and tears?! 

This weekend training commenced! Martin, who is already a competitive swimmer, visited London’s official Olympic swimming pool and packed in some lengths – although he wasn’t walking outdoors in the cold he insists it’s good for fitness! Matt went walking in the New Forest countryside with a very cute walking buddy (check out the blog picture), nice to see Matt’s family are all supporting his training efforts. Neal, well, he enjoyed a few too many drinks this weekend – but we’ll let him off this once as he ran a marathon last year so should be able to get back into a fitness routine quickly!! 

The Shell team grouped together for their first group hike in the Isle Of Man this weekend too – more to come on their trip later. 

Great start all :)