The proper way to resign

Once a new job has been accepted, you need to consider the timing of your resignation. Since a one month notice is considered the norm, make sure your resignation properly coincides with your start date at the new company.

Try to avoid an extended start date. Even if your new job begins in ten weeks, don’t give ten weeks’ notice; wait six weeks and then give your months’ notice. This way, you will protect yourself from disaster; in the unlikely event your new company announces a recruitment freeze a month before you come on board.

Your resignation should be handled in person. Ask your direct supervisor or manager if you can speak with him or her privately in their office. When you announce your intention to resign, you should also hand your supervisor a letter which states your last date of employment with the company. Let them know that you have enjoyed working with them, but that an opportunity came along that you could not pass up, and that your decision to leave was made carefully, and does not reflect any negative feelings you have toward the company or the staff.

You should also add that your decision is final, and that you would prefer not to be made a counteroffer, since you would not want your refusal to accept more money to appear as a personal affront. Let your supervisor or manager know that you appreciate all the company has done for you, and that you will do everything in your power to make your departure as smooth and painless as possible.

Finally, keep your resignation letter short, simple, and to the point. There is no need to go into detail about your new job, or what led to your decision to leave. If these issues are important to your old employer, they will schedule an exit interview for you. Be sure to provide a carbon copy or photocopy of your resignation letter for your company’s personnel file. This way, the circumstances surrounding your resignation will be well documented for future reference. You can download our resignation template here.

For advice on resigning speak to a Faststream consultant who will be able to help you further.