Moving from Sea to Shore?

Changing your career path

We often find in the shipping and maritime industry that at some point you will have the opportunity to change your career direction. When moving from a seagoing role to a shore based position there can be many challenges you didn’t expect or are not used too.

To help you become better prepared for these challenges, we have used our knowledge and experience to put together some points below so you know what to expect.

Considerations: Contract per month to salary yearly, relocation on shore, no offshore pay (but overtime can be achieved), tax implications.

Positives: Benefits package, stable life and time with family, weekends, predictability, public holidays, paid every month (even when on holiday).

Negatives: Regular hours (9-5), less holiday, commute.

When thinking of changing your career path please contact a Faststream consultant who will be able to talk you through your circumstances and advise you further.


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