Changing Seagoing Sectors?

Thinking of working in a different seagoing sector? Our specialist teams have created some quick pros and cons for working on the following seagoing vessel types.



Pros: High earning potential (high salaries and potential for tips), working on modern and luxurious vessels owned by VIPs, visit exclusive locations in the world, excellent social scene.

Cons: Rotation not always an option, long hours of work.



Pros: Short trips, high earning potential, interesting projects, diverse vessel types and roles, market stability.

Cons: Heavy workload, harsh weather, hazardous work, huge competition for training places.



Pros: Interesting itineraries, good quality of life, Opportunity to bring families on-board, prestige.

Cons: Long trips, added pressure of managing passengers, often very corporate companies.



Pros: Short rotations, often in range for Internet/phone signal, quick promotion opportunities, great hands on experience.

Cons: Smaller vessels, below average salaries.


Changing seagoing sectors can be difficult, contact a Faststream consultant who will be able to talk you through your circumstances and advise you further.

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