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Job Description

The Role:  
  1. Maintain    safe,   reliable    and   efficient   operations   by  ensuring  high   technical   and   operational   standards   of maintenance/repairs of the vessels of the company.
  2. Administer shipping support and technical  knowledge  to the vessels by utilizing the marine engineering expertise.  
  3. Assist in  the preparation of budgets  for the vessels,  monitor the costs and evaluate  the variations  in  order to provide detailed explanation.  
  4. Participate, in  conjunction  with the Supply  Department in sourcing the  technical  and operational supplies  required for the vessels and contribute lo the assurance that the rates are most economical.  
  5. Ensure that  flag,  class  and  other  regulatory  requirements  are met with  and  that  their  certificates  and  surveys are validated as and when  required.  
  6. Examine    various   vessel   improvement   processes    and  technical   problem    and   suggest   appropriate   solutions, recommendations and modifications. Prepare a list of well-defined outcomes  and ensure its completion.  
  7. Conduct  statistical  analysis  and prepare reports  on various subjects such  as technical  standards of vessels, repairs, dry docking and performance  in order to attain  the  industry  best standards.  
  8. Reduce  loss  time  accident  exposure  to the targeted minimum  level and, maintain  vessels'  loss  time accident record, and report all vessel  incidents,  near misses  to prevent  and eliminate  potential incidents. 
  9. Contribute  in  the  formulation of the ship management policies  and procedures.  
    I0. Participate, in  conjunction with  the  Supply Department in  purchasing spare  gears and other  required  equipment for the  assigned  vessels.  
  1. Prepare,  classify, analyze  and update the various  dry  clocking specifications as and when required.  
  2. Assist  with risk assessment procedures and accident I incident investigations  and prepare  reports.  
  3. Execute  the  Emergency  Response  Plan  duties  and  responsibilities under  the  direction  and  guidance  of Company Incident Commander
   14. Engage  in technical  and engineering studies and make suggestions lo  improve the quality  standards of the vessels.

  15. Act as the company representative al various industry  forums as and when required.
16.   Liaise  with customers  on technical  and operational matters  including vessel  performance etc

Candidates should have at least below qualifications:  
  • 24 months as Chief Engineer in LNG vessel (steam / motor)
  • Has Chief Engineer COC (steam and motor) or combined