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Job Description

Opportunity for a Commissioning Engineer with experience aligned to management of installation and commissioning activities at ship of complex systems to join the market leader in clean marine technology.

Silverstream Technologies has successfully developed and deployed a market-leading clean marine technology solution over the last ten years – The Silverstream® System. Our Air Lubrication System (ALS) fundamentally changes the interaction between water and a vessel’s hull, creating a carpet of microbubbles that coats the flat bottom of a vessel. As a result, frictional resistance is reduced – dramatically improving a vessel’s fuel consumption and associated emissions.

The Role

The Commissioning Engineer will be responsible for overseeing commissioning of the Silverstream® System and ensuring smooth interaction and engagement of the relevant parties including Original Equipment Manufacturers and the shipyard as well as the relevant Project Engineer and Technical teams internally. Within this role the Commissioning Engineer will inject their expertise into a Project in support of the assigned Project Engineer to ensure that planning, resource allocation and subsequent execution of commissioning activities are aligned to success.

The Responsibilities

  • Take responsibility for health and safety in all aspects of the role.

  • Conduct health reviews of commissioning plans, identifying both weaknesses and actions to be undertaken.

  • Co-ordinate and carry out on site commissioning of the Silverstream® System.

  • Maintain a close and positive working relationship with the Operations and Technical team internally, and contractors, OEM’s, ship’s crew, and shipyard externally.

  • Plan, support and monitor 3rd party OEM’s and contractors in carrying out commissioning activities on Silverstream’s behalf.

  • Perform crew training and actively support production of training material.

  • Provide regular and timely reports on commissioning plans and status updates.

  • Take an active part in the writing and development of commissioning documentation.

  • Assist with fault diagnosis.

  • Provide technical support to owners and operators.

  • Reporting and sharing lessons learnt in a professional and collaborative way.

The Requirements 

  • Mechanical/Electrical Engineer with +7yrs experience aligned to management of installation and commissioning activities at ship of complex systems.

  • Ability to read and interpret both mechanical and electrical drawings.

  • Demonstratable knowledge of safe working practices including risk assessments.

  • Proven ability of being able to work professionally for relatively long periods of time in remote and often unfamiliar countries and cultures.

  • Ability to construct and write concise and professional technical reports.

  • Excellent analytical and diagnostic skills are essential.

  • Positive and optimistic personality with natural resilience.

  • Confident and clear interpersonal skills are required for success in a role which will engage with a wide range of cultures, languages, and hierarchies.

  • Ability to multi-task on a variety of projects to time and quality.


  • Travel – International travel will be required in line with job and may be required at short notice.  Maintenance of travel documentation and vaccinations required to travel is therefore essential.

  • Sea Passages on Ships - Travel may include periods of time on board our clients ships whilst at sea and between ports.

  • Health – Must retain health and fitness to a level required to be able to carry out the physical nature of duties, which includes ability to travel and access all areas of ship and its relevant equipment, including boarding vessels at sea via pilot ladders from small vessels.

  • Confined Spaces – The Silverstream® System does have certain components contained within confined and remote parts of the ship, for example Duct-Keels and Pipe Tunnels, the role holder will be expected to access these areas when required.