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Job Description

We are recruiting for a Chief Engineer (Limited/DDE 4000) to join an experienced team onboard tugs/barges on the Great Lakes. 

This is an excellent role for someone looking for a new company with a focus on growth and looking after their marine personnel. 

Rotation is 28/28 or 28/14 days on/off depending upon your preference with travel reimbursement. 

The Chief Engineer assumes responsibility for all machinery, onboard maintenance for the engine room’s efficient and safe operation and the operation of all mechanical equipment on the ship.

The Chief Engineer ensures that the engine room is suitable for inspection by coastguard authorities and safeguards that there is a surplus of fuel and spare parts. In an emergency Chief Engineer will assume complete control of the engine room.

You will require:
• A valid USCG Engineers License with Chief Engineer Limited or DDE 4000.
• A current TWIC
• A current Passport

We are looking for someone to join the ship as soon as possible.