Faststream Scholarship for WorkBoat Strategic Leadership Development Program

Developing the future leaders of our industry.

Developing and retaining strong, strategic leaders is one of the most important investments that an organization can make to ensure future growth and sustainability.

To assist organizations in making this investment, Faststream is excited to sponsor a scholarship for individuals in the mid to upper career levels within maritime industry organizations to attend the WorkBoat Strategic Leadership Development program.  WorkBoat Professional Series has worked in conjunction with LSU Executive Education to offer this leadership development program.

The WorkBoat Strategic Leadership Development Program will incorporate face-to-face instruction, online instruction and one-to-one business success coaching. The program will provide participants with an intellectually stimulating learning atmosphere where they will assess their effectiveness, learn to capitalize on their strengths, identify and improve upon their weaknesses, and increase their awareness of the economic, social and legal environments in which their companies operate.

Further information on applicant requirements can be found in the application form. Please complete and post back to apply.

Good luck.

Faststream Recruitment Group