Amy Liddell- A day in the life of a Recruiter | Faststream Recruitment

Amy Liddell, a Recruitment Consultant at Faststream Recruitment, uncovers what life is really like as a Recruiter in Singapore.


7:30 am: I leave my apartment early to ensure I get to the office for an 8.30 am start. Unlike most of the team, I live out of town and need to catch the MRT into the city.


8:25 am: If you like your early morning coffee, our office is in a great central location, surrounded by numerous coffee shops, which is ideal for anyone needing their caffeine fix.  I love my peppermint tea – so I go straight to the office and grab one from the kitchen before I start my day.

Amy Liddell - A day in the life of a Recruiter | Faststream Recruitment

8:30 am: I say hello to the team and log straight onto my computer. The most non-negotiable part of my morning is checking emails that have come in from the night before. If it's an urgent email, I will always deal with that first.


9:15 am: Time for the Monday morning sales meeting and straight into business. It’s the best way to start the week, go through the previous week’s activity and results, and outline what our priorities are for the week ahead. This always gets the team going and creates a real sense of energy in the office.


10:00 am: With everyone raring to go, it’s back to my work station and time to tackle the inevitable ‘to-do list’. Nothing beats ticking things off throughout the day and getting stuff done. My list changes every day and no day is the same. The diversity is one of the main reasons I like my job. No day as a recruiter is the same.


10:45 am: I’ve just spoken to one of my clients and they have an urgent requirement for a project they are working on. Time to go through my black book of contacts and find the best candidate for the job.


11:45 am: Calls done – now it’s time to send over their CV’s and get the ball rolling.


12:00 pm: CV’s are all sent and I’m feeling peckish – it’s definitely time for lunch. We go out for lunch as a team 90% of the time and we all love to eat out. It’s convenient and fun to try new places in the local area. Today we opt for fresh local food at one of the nearby Hawker centres.

Amy Liddell - A day in the life of a Recruiter | Faststream Recruitment

1:00 pm: Feeling satisfied after a great team lunch, it’s back to the office to tackle more of my objectives for today. First up its business development (BD) – I do this every day to ensure I’m constantly networking. I love this part of my job because I get to talk to some really interesting people and it’s a great way to expand my network.


3:00 pm: Wow, that was a good couple of hours of BD, I even picked up a new role, which means I need to start headhunting for good candidates.


4:30 pm: I have a last-minute coffee meeting with a local client at their offices. They’ve invited me over to talk about one of the searches we are recruiting for.


6:00 pm: Some of the women in the office are going out for a run. No mean feat in 30-degree heat but it makes for a great workout. We love to do stuff as a team and we try to go running at least once a week.

Amy Liddell - A day in the life of a Recruiter | Faststream Recruitment

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